Book Reviews (not peer-reviewed)


Divisions in the university commons yield dividends: a partial review of Peter MacKinnon’s University Commons Divided. Academic Matters (Spring 2018).


CITES and cacti: a user’s guide by Maurizio Sajeva, H. Noel McGough, Lucy Garrett, Jonas Lüthy, Maurice Tse-Laurence, Catherine Rutherford, and Guilia Sajeva. Plant Science Bulletin 61(2): 73-75.


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Introduction to bryophytes by Alain Vanderpoorten and Bernard Goffinet. Plant Science Bulletin 55: 167-168.

The biology of deserts by David Ward. Plant Science Bulletin 55(2): 78-79.


Curious world of carnivorous plants: a comprehensive guide to their biology and cultivation by Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rüdiger Seine, and Inge Theisen. Plant Science Bulletin 54(4): 159.

The origins of genome architecture by Michael Lynch. Plant Science Bulletin 54(4): 165.

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Evolutionary flatland; review of Evolution in four dimensions: genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, and symbolic variation in the history of life by Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb. Biological Theory 1(2): 203-205.

An enthusiasm for orchids: sex and deception in plant evolution by John Alcock. Orchids 75(10): 777.

The geographic mosaic of coevolution by John N. Thompson. Plant Science Bulletin 52(3): 100-101.

Ferocactus by John Pilbeam and Derek Bowdery. Cactus World 24(2): 95-96.

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