Plant form and function (BIOL 2002)

Fall 2015 syllabus.
Martha Mullaly now teaches this course.

Evolutionary concepts (BIOL 3609)

Previous unofficial syllabus.
Greg Bulté now teaches this course.

Population genetics (BIOL 4103)

Fall 2015 syllabus.

Evolution of sex (BIOL 4203)

Fall 2016 syllabus.

Cactus biology (BIOL 4506)

POSTER advertising this course.
Fall 2021 syllabus.

Graduate seminar in Indigenous restoration ecology (BIOL 5502)

Officially titled “Selected Topics in Biology”.
Fall 2021 syllabus.

Graduate seminar in evolution of sex (BIOL 5510)

Officially titled “Advanced Evolutionary Biology”.

Indigenous perspectives in ecology & evolution (INDG 3901)

Fall 2013 syllabus.
This course may not be offered again.